The Diaspora can be difficult to approach:

migrants are often widespread, are not always strongly organized and it is often time-consuming to conduct a scoping study of your group of interest.

Perhaps you are interested to find out what types of development projects are implemented by the Diaspora, by development agencies or government agencies? Or, you wish to broaden your organization’s scope by assessing what the main challenges are for the Diaspora to start or implement development projects in their country of origin? This platform offers you the unique opportunity to browse through activities that were undertaken by a wide range of actors involved in Remittances for Community Development initiatives.

You will be offered the opportunity to learn from involved actors worldwide. What were their challenges and how did they finance their projects? What type of activities did they undertake and who are their partners? Answers to such questions can help you to assess how you can support similar projects for your own organization or to create support networks for migrant initiatives.


Migrant organisation