You receive remittances from migrant(s) living abroad,

and are interested to learn how others make use of their remittances? Perhaps you have the feeling that you could do more with the funds that you receive now? Or, you would like to know what opportunities are out there to invest or collect remittances for development projects in your community?

Often, individuals receiving money from their migrant friends and families use these funds for similar payments: buying products for the household, paying school fees for the children, paying hospital bills or medicines, or putting some small amount aside for emergencies.

Life would probably be even easier when the hospital you go to is close to your community. Perhaps the school that your children attend is far away and you worry about bus fares or long walking distances. Or, you wish to earn more for yourselves in the community, without depending too much on your migrant(s).

Others have experienced the same feelings! They have taken action to collect remittances from their families and friends, and other members of their communities to start community projects. In this way, they are able to construct a school in their village, build a new bridge that leads to the market, or to start a business that created jobs for themselves and their neighbours.

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