The contacts and networks that you have in your country of origin are unique!

Migrant organizations and individual migrants such as yourself can play an important role in the economic, social and political development of your country of origin.

Most of you are already sending money back home on a regular basis. Your families and friends are able to buy basic household products from your financial support or now have that extra money to pay of a loan or invest in their small business.

This platform will offer you some examples of how your contributions can possibly do even more! Not only for your families, but also for the community they live in. You might already have experience. You might have sent money home in the past to support some kind of project in the community. Perhaps you have funded a cultural event, or the construction of a school or water well in the community? This experience probably taught you a lot about the difficulties and the possibilities of supporting projects in your home community.

Just remember, it does not matter what type of job you have, or how much you earn. It does not matter why you want to support your community back home, or how much experience you have, whether you live in Europe or in Asia, or whether you have migrated permanently or plan to return one day. What matters is finding the right partners to work with, build trust and confidence, and find the right project to support!

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