India Development Foundation for Overseas Indians


India Development Foundation of Overseas Indians (IDF-OI) is a not-for-profit trust registered by the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs, Government of India, to provide a window for Overseas Indian Philanthropy in India’s Social Development. The objective of the Foundation is to facilitate philanthropic activities by Overseas Indians through innovative projects and instruments such as micro credit for rural entrepreneurs, self help groups for economic empowerment of women, best practice interventions in primary education and technology interventions in rural health care delivery.


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•    attracting causes and resources in the field of healthcare, livelihood, empowerment of women and education
•    organised efforts in Diaspora philanthropy

OrganisationIDF - OI
Organisation typeGovernment department in a origin country
  • Philanthropy
  • India
  • South Asia

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Finding the right communication channel
The Foundation aims to reach out to the all Diaspora of Indian descent. They reach out to millions of people and needed to find the most appropriate communication tool to not only inform the Indian Diaspora of the possibilities, but also to exchange information and inspiration. They have developed a website that functions as an informative tool, has a fundraising purpose, and also offers the Diaspora the opportunity to become part of their knowledge network. Through their network they actively seek out to the community to stimulate exchange of relevant knowledge and raise support for their efforts.