Migration and Development Programme


The initiative is aimed at mobilising African migrants living in Europe to engage in development projects in their communities of origin, through awareness raising, town hall meetings and annual trips migrants make to their communities or origin. The goal of the programme is to mobilise Ghanaian migrant community to transfer their knowledge to small and medium-sized enterprises in Ghana.


• 13 meetings took place with farmers and chiefs
• over 220 participants in Ghana reached
• 200 Ghanaian migrants in the Netherlands attended info meetings or training sessions
• skills of farmers in region complemented


• Awareness raising activities in Europe & migrant communities
• Four participants travelled to Ghana
• Meetings & consultations with farmers & chiefs
• Research on possible investment opportunities to link farmers and migrants

Organisation typeMigrant Organisation
  • Capital investment (Business/SME)
  • Philanthropy
  • Ghana
  • West Africa

• AfroEuro NL
• Kyirapatre Trade Association Kumasi
• Adientern Traders’ Association Kibi

Financial contributors



Key stakeholders
In their aim to establish a sound network that could carry the activities, AfroEuro made it its goal to ensure key stakeholders were involved in the process of developing the project, as well as during the implementation of the activities. After several visits to the local communities in Ghana, the organization soon realized the importance of actively involving the local leaders and local farmers in the project. These stakeholders would eventually not only benefit from the received funds and training, they would also be crucial in their aim to ensure the project would be carried out according to plan in the future and remain sustainable over time.

Project coordinators ensured they visited the local communities several times and engaged in discussions with those stakeholders that would be directly involved in project implementation. They assessed their needs and willingness to be involved in the project. Such meetings and consultations with the local community leaders and local farmers has created a sound basis for the following activities, which were taken on whole heartedly by the communities in question.


Informing beforehand
AfroEuro realized, based on their previous experiences, that projects could turn out to be less successful when all involved parties were not fully informed of the projects' goals and objectives. In the past, this led to misunderstandings or led to limited engagement of stakeholders as they were not aware of their roles in the project. Therefore, the organization ensured they spend a considerable amount of time in informing all stakeholders before implementing the project. Through awareness raising activities among migrant communities in Europe, as well as through consultations and meetings in local communities in Ghana, the organization ensured that responsibilities and goals were clear to all engaged stakeholders. After these elaborate information sessions, they felt more assured of the potential of the sound implementation of the project.