Welcome to the website that will offer you inspiration for your Remittances for Community Development initiatives!

You can use this site to get informed on practices worldwide and in your specific region or sector, to learn from others in the field, and to discuss the potential of Remittances for Community Development (RfCD) with others.

The website can provide you with answers to questions that you are dealing with. The Get Inspired! link will guide you through a quick-step menu to inspiring projects that focus on your specific interests. Many people involved in remittances, whether a migrant, a migrant association or other partners in development, often say that they know of the potential of remittances for development, but just do not know how to start that kind of project. Some people argue that they do not have enough information on possible partnerships or funding options, or they say that they do not know what kind of project to start because they have never before started a development project.

Perhaps you have struggled with the same issues? Or, maybe you have experienced other difficulties or success stories that you want to share to help out others experiencing the same?

This site offers you the potential to learn from the experience of others and to share your own practice. Projects are shared here to help you get the inspiration that you might need in starting your own type of initiative.

If you first want to learn more about the purpose of this website, please click here. If you are ready to get started to learn from others in the field, go to Get Inspired! and get started!